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Water bottle

solid clay bottle comes in 3 different colours it has a capity of 800ml and is able to keep drinks hot for a long time <br>PRICE:$28.99
solid clay
shade blue is a bottle with different shades of blue together making it one of our most unique water bottle ever made able to withstand 500ml of water <br>PRICE:$19.99
shade blue
squared bottle is useful to those who want a small and trending water bottle, it is able to carry up to 500ml of water and its part od the shapes collection in our store <br>PRICE:$22.99

Coffee Blender

Turbo 243 is one of the fastest coffee blenders avaliable in the world it is able to blend coffee beans fast and produce qulity coffee within minutes<br>PRICE:$37.99
Turbo 243
This coffee blender is an old modal but its been recreated because it was our company's first product and many requested it back hence we took it out of the vault and remade it just for our loyal customers, its gives a classy look and its still as good as the newest one <br>PRICE:$42.99
80s bronze
The worldest fastest coffee blender uses the same amount of power but produce twice the results making it one of the most popular buys of our store not only for home but for office as well<br>PRICE:$70.99
double booster